Digital Transformation Through Evolved & Intelligent IoT Solution

A Connected Enterprise has the capability to make real time, data-based decisions as key stakeholders get visibility to critical information through Digital Transformation of their physical infrastructure & assets.

Our IoT Solutions capture data from the siloed segments of the enterprise, analyse, aggregate and report real time information which significantly improves the visibility for key Business and Operations Stakeholders.

A significant Top & Bottom Line impact is created with secure controls which optimize use of physical infrastructure & assets.

Intelligent. Interconnected. Integrated. (3i) - Take Control

At Resonant, we enable Digital Transformation of the physical infrastructure & assets through our comprehensive IoT Solution by using RUSH Stack (Resonant Universal Software & Hardware) for Edge Computing, Cloud Platform and On-Premises Solutions.
The in-house Edge Node capabilities give you the advantage of CUSTOMIZED CONTROL across the enterprise especially for your critical assets based on events, workflows through Cognitive Automation
Our system is also fully open for integration with latest technologies, communication protocols, 3rd Party Hardware, 3rd party Cloud making it a comprehensive yet customisable based on your requirements.

Sectors that we serve

Real Estate


Manufacturing Units, Enterprises (Discreet / Process) are increasingly adopting IP based products and solutions to optimize production through real time tracking of production processes, machines data and deep analytics with inter process data play between SCADA-PLC – Sensors – DCS – Production Output leading to overall shop floor optimisation.

Resonant’s 3i-ICS enhances production activities by Cognitive Engagement (information flow) & Cognitive Automation (event-based controls) across different units in industries (or across different geographical locations) empowering manufacturing enterprises with real time information and control with the help of IoT and IP networks.

Real Estate

Smart Buildings or Facilities are redefining the Commercial Real Estate Sector in India. Latest integrated technology driven solutions are being deployed for “Best Facility Experience” while optimizing a very complex, back-end facility management operations leading to an efficient, productive and cost-effective facility.

Resonant’s 3i-BEMS digitally transforms an existing or a new facility to a smart building / facility through its IoT-Based Monitoring & Control Solutions. Covering all aspects from Real Time Monitoring & Visualisation to Cognitive Automation, the solution delivers true value by reducing operational costs, reducing maintenance costs, optimizing asset utilisation & life, managing energy footprint and supporting your sustainability goals.


Solar Sector’s sustained growth phase has added complexity for both Solar Asset OEM’s and Solar EPC / O&M Companies alikeOEM’s need to integrate emerging technologies, offer the latest features while optimizing product costs and quality EPC / O&M have a complex challenge of delivering a cost-effective plant/project performance & maintenance while managing multiple OEM asset portfolio.

Resonant’s 3i-RMS is a Plug & Play, IoT Based solution which integrates our Universal Data Loggers with our IoT Platform (or 3rd party) for real time data management, condition monitoring, preventive maintenance and fully secure online control. Asset OEM’s (Inverter & Pumps) can now offer these latest features through our solution while EPC / O&M Companies can optimize plant performance by reducing unplanned downtime, reduce operations cost and improve revenues by better generation


Modern data analytics solutions are critical for MSME companies for timely decision-making. The most important application of data analytics for MSME companies is to measure operational efficiency & cost of production. For our Indian MSMEs, Digital Transformation and adoption of appropriate technology is still too complex and costly.

Resonant’s 3i – MICS is specially designed for a budget-friendly, modular deployment wherein large amount of data is collected from various sources, analysed & centralised for better data visualisation for critical decision making. Benefits like Increased Operational Efficiency, Reduced Maintenance Costs & Optimised Energy Footprint are achieved through various features of our solution.

Wide Applications Of Our Solutions

In a fast paced competitive business environment, it is essential for an organization to not just identify but also plug even the smallest of loss. We understand our clients and their need to have a custom built IoT solution that can specifically address their need.
Our solutions helps and organization create a universe of connected network through digital transformation that gives an edge to its operational excellence.


It is important to keep machines healthy at time sensitive production lines but also to monitor energy consumption, machine health & performance to predict trends at the machine level. Energy benchmarks can be used to improve health and performance but also prevent loss of asset or time or both.


Higher units generation, Breakdown reduction and smooth operations need to have visibility key indicators through centralized flow of information. Our Plug & Play, IoT Based, intelligent – Remote Monitoring & Control Solution, offers best-in-class features with unique customization capabilities to stay in sync with evolving demands.


Sustainability comes from Control which in turn depends on self analysis. Our Energy Monitoring System (EMS) provides a comprehensive overview of utility performance while identifying the problem area.


Our Asser Management Solution provides a comprehensive monitoring for asset-intensive industries through a single window. It is a unified single window solution that allows you track your asset conditions and their activities in real time.


Air-Conditioning constitutes 23% to 55% of a commercial buildings electricity consumption.An IoT Solution should be able to optimize HVAC Consumption through analytics and automation.


Understanding a customers need is the part of our innovation process. We believe we are as good as the relevance of our solution to you.


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