Internet of Things

HVAC Control System

As per LBNL Report, Air - Conditioning (air cooling or heating) contributes between 23% to 55% of electricity consumption of any commercial establishment. Every one-degree increase in the air-conditioner temperature setting results in approximate saving of 6 per cent of electricity consumed. Majority of commercial establishments, hotels and offices maintain a temperature around 18-21 degree Celsius leading to extremely high electricity bills and high operating expenses. This is primarily due to lack of information & analytics of air-conditioning equipment and Non-Automated, Sub-Optimized air-conditioning usage. 3i – BEMS is specially designed to optimize your HVAC Consumption through efficient monitoring, data analytics and effective automation control thus reducing your operating expense. It’s a plug & play solution which monitors the energy spent for air-conditioning not only at the site level but also at the asset level along with other host of features as listed below. It is designed in a modular fashion to offer multi-featured automation control for all types of air-conditioning like Chillers, AHU’s, VRV-VRF, Package, Cassette etc. leading to reduction in energy consumption.


Split AC/Cassette AC/VRV-VRF Control

Full Automation through proprietary 24x7 online 4-dimensional control for On-Off, Fan Speed, Mode, Temperature Control. You can set different settings for each setting for different times of the day

Package AC Control

24x7 online control (on-off option only)

AHU Control Unit automation

Full Automation through proprietary 24x7 online control (choose online between Economy Mode and Comfort Mode)

Customized Chiller IoT Solutions

Get your BMS compliant chiller controls online integrated with AHU Controls for a complete solution


Reduce HVAC Energy Consumption up to 22%
Optimize Operational Costs
Increase Asset Life by preventing premature asset failure
Reduce Equipment / Tool Breakdown
Reduce Maintenance Costs