Internet of Things

Asset Monitoring Solution

For a manufacturing set up, your biggest assets are your machines. Similarly for Commercial Real Estate, one of the biggest contributors to success is the effective upkeep of various equipment that runs behind the scenes. Hence taking proactive action before failure is critical to managing the asset / equipment base. Resonant’s Asset Management Solution that helps to digitally define & generate key variables or parameters for your asset / equipment / machines called as Health Indicators. These indicators are monitored through an established data collection and storage process followed by a health ranking system for all shop floor or facility (in particular the “Class A” assets). The condition of the asset is determined through continuous monitoring of these variables and integrated into existing maintenance management strategy to ensure optimized asset performance and life cycle



Optimized OEE
Improved Facility / Shop Floor Efficiency
Reduction In Manual SOP’s
Increased Production
Potential Supply Chain Optimisation