Internet of Things

Solar Remote Monitoring Solution

Solar Assets need to keep up with the market demand for enhanced efficiency, better features, while promoting cost efficiencies. Once installed, the solar project needs to ensure optimized generation, low downtime of assets and reduced operational costs. 3i-RMS is an “intelligent”- Remote Monitoring Solution provides Command & Control functions of Solar Assets through Resonant’s proprietary IoT Framework. Our hardware integrates with solar assets (inverters, solar strings, pumps, geysers etc) through standard communication protocols enabling digitisation of critical data of these assets, making them available over the internet. In addition, our products have unique capability of two-way communication leading to execution of command controls to provide additional optimization capabilities to the solution.


Integrate equipment

Integrate with your equipment over RS 485, Modbus RTU, RS 232, Wifi LAN

Send data to ioT Platform

Send your data to our IoT platform using cellular network (4GLTE/4G/3G/2G)

Additional Slave Devices

Connect additional 32 slave devices on the same modem

24*7 Monitoring of Assets

Get 24x7 monitoring of all-important asset parameters with a default frequency of 5 mins (or higher as needed)

Automated system alerts
Get Automated System Alerts
Automated reporting

Automated Daily/ Weekly/  Monthly Reports to monitor the efficiency and solar output of the solar assets

Secure connectivity

Using our secure 2-way connectivity, command and control your inverters behaviour and parameters eg minimum battery voltage alarm value, shut down, reset

Customized dashboard

Get your Savings Dashboard Customized as per your business model


Optimized Solar Generation Through Data Assessment

Customers can clearly see the generation details and savings made each day and take corrective action as needed

Reduced Operating

No need for on-site visits to set asset/equipment configurations as they can be done remotely

Lower Service

Since critical health parameters are available on-line, the O&M team will go prepared with known faults reducing the number of visits to fix the issues

Reduce Fault Correction Time

3 Tier Issue Management Workflow automation provides online updates to key stakeholders in the event of a fault helping to get the team together to resolve the issue quickly and effectively.

Minimize Maintenance Costs

Data Analytics shall provide transparency of faults hence reducing the number of repeat issues. Preventive Maintenance Module gives lead time to fix the fault before it turns to failure, managed through real time alarms and notifications