Introducing RUSH™

Resonant has proudly invested in developing in-house deep technology, to deliver end-to-end solutions. Every part of our solution, be it software, hardware, firmware and integration stacks are developed in India, giving us the opportunity to customize and tailor the solution around unique business challenges that our customers face.

Resonant Universal Software & Hardware stacks

RUSH™ offers a plethora of modular, out-of-the-box dashboards for monitoring and control assets in various sectors and applications

RUSH Cloud

Create your business account within minutes, and get online access to monitor and control your energy usage, production efficiency, etc. With ready to use dashboards or customized dashboards.

RUSH Lite (on-premise)

Want to have the solution deployed on-premises/Offline? We are happy to deliver, the same feature-rich dashboards and functions as the cloud.

RUSH DataBots

Plug and Play! make system integration a breeze, install our pre-integrates databot gateway, and start fetching data on your dashboard within minutes.

Energy Meters, Machine Data, Sensors, Solar, Wind, Gas etc.

RUSH AutoBots

Plug and Play! Setting up controls cannot get easier, just install our pre-integrated AutoBot gateway, and start controlling and scheduling your assets online.

HVAC,Motors,Loads,Actuators,Machines,PLC etc.


While our solution provides end to end seamless integration, it works with all third party sensors, actuators, PLC etc with compatible industry-standard protocols. All data is transmitted using TLS security, giving you complete peace of mind.